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Welcome to ZigZag - a positive, authentic, supportive, & inclusive social video platform, where you can ask questions about WHATEVER you want, without any toxic comments.

Copy of ZZ website creative.png
Copy of ZZ website creative.png

healthy social
media is here.

We’re leading the social media revolution.
ZigZag’s all about collaboration, kindness & positivity. On ZigZag, posts are collabs - videos made by 2+ contributors.
It's social media meets community. 

This is seriously a judgement-free zone. Share knowing you're in a safe space.

ask for real 
advice, get real

Ask questions you’re afraid to ask anyone else. Get advice on heartbreak, dating, school, family stuff, and just plain life. Ask your favorite influencer who their crush is AND how they got their first million views.

There are endless possibilities with ZigZag collabs.

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what users are saying

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ask a pro for
expert help.

ZigZag Pros are experts in their fields. They're amped about joining collabs based on their interests.

Have a question about how to get into the influencer game? Ask JT! Curious about what it's like recording your first single? Ask Tori! The pros are right at your fingertips - and it's totally free.

Copy of ZZ website creative.png
Copy of ZZ website creative.png

the good stuff
always gets


The most popular collabs and creators get featured on the leaderboard.

Rank on the leaderboard for a few weeks in a row, and you'll find yourself getting SUPER USER status. 

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