about us

We're a small and mighty startup team based out of Los Angeles, California. 

We're also the people behind the verified ZigZag accounts, liking, commenting, and cheering for our talented creators.

We believe fiercely in the power of creators, and we believe fiercely in the power of community.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Image by Stephane YAICH
Image by Stephane YAICH



Ben found the inspiration for ZigZag during his years of experience in the entertainment industry, both as an entrepreneur as well as an artist. During a massive NYE festival in Berlin, Ben performed the song “7 Billion People” together with a virtual kids choir featuring over one hundred kids from all around the world.

This sparked the idea for a platform where other artists and anyone with talent could collaborate via video with people around the globe… and ZigZag was born! 

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