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Creator Community: What is it, and should I join one?

Hoping to build your Instagram following, TikTok following, or Snapchat fan base - while making some friends along the way? Wondering how to meet popular influencers and learn their tricks to making viral content? Want to connect with people who understand the content creation struggle? Sounds like you could use a creator community. This article is the full run-down on what exactly a creator community is, and why you should join one ASAP.

What is a creator community?

A creator community is a space - either virtual or physical - in which creators can connect, meet other creators, discuss the influencer game, make content together, etc. Most creator communities have gone virtual since the craziness that has been 2020 struck us last March.

Where can I find a creator community?

If you want to meet other influencers and aspiring creators, you should join a creator community. Here are some of our favorites:

ZigZag: ZigZag is an app where you can make collaborative videos with other creators. After you and your creator friends contribute to the video and it’s posted on the feed, you all share the “likes” and follows - meaning you’re combining the power of your individual fan followings into a super-video. The best part about ZigZag is that the app actually supports you in co-creating video content together, whereas many other creator communities are mostly spaces for discussion threads or instant messaging. ZigZag is also known for the positive, supportive, and kind community that uses the app. Finally, the ZigZag app rewards popular content creators by sharing their videos and profiles on a leaderboard, so trending creators get front-page real estate to promote their pages and grow their following.

Facebook Groups: There are a TON of Facebook groups, particularly for Instagram and TikTok creators, to support each other and engage with each other’s content. These groups often are started by newbie influencers, looking to build their following through “like for like” or “follow for follow” style threads. Here are two examples we found from a quick search:

Instagram Daily Engagement Growth Pod

Social Media Influencers - TikTok and Brand Deals

The major downside of these Facebook groups is that if you’re looking to actually make content with other creators, you’ll need to leave Facebook and make that content in other apps, then edit and stitch things together. They also tend to have hundreds or thousands of members, so building relationships and making 1:1 connections can be tricky.

Influencer Networking Companies: Influencer marketing companies are paid by brands to find cool influencers to rep their products. Many of these companies offer some sort of communities for their signed creators, but it can be hard to get approved to work for one of these companies. They often require super-high engagement rates on your posts, tons of followers, and so forth. These types of communities are great later in your influencer career, but if you’re a newbie working on going viral for the first time, it’s hard to tap into these.

Why should I join a creator community?

Every aspiring and popular influencer should join a creator community. There are SO many benefits - for both you and your brand!

Creator Community helps you get more followers.

Think of the hottest influencers that you follow right now. Chances are, you’ve seen them create content together at least once, especially if they post similar types of stuff. When creators work together, they can combine the power of their fan following to achieve super-star status.

For example, you may have noticed popular TikTok creators @sallydarrgriffin @jackmartin @fibulaa and @ladyefron recently became roommates! Not only have they built a creator community in which they live and work, but they also created a separate brand for their co-created content, called CommonRoomLA. (http://tiktok.com/@commonroomla). While we wish we could be roomies with all of our favorite creators, that just isn’t possible. BUT, we can join virtual creator communities that mimic the same affect. Once these creators banded together, they saw MASSIVE growth in their followings.

Another great example is the oh-so-famous “Hype House”. In 2019, teen Youtube and TikTok personalities such as Thomas Petrou and Addison Re banded together to develop the creator community. Tons of teen personalities popped in and out of the house, living in for a few months to co-create with other social media superstars. Much like the CommonRoomLa crew, combining the collective power of fan-followings helped newer creators like Ryland Storms and Nick Austin gain super-fame status.

The Hype House crew

Creator Community helps you make influencer friends.

Chances are, your friends who aren’t working to build a following don’t quite understand the pressure to create content or how much time it takes to edit the perfect video together. And that’s totally okay! But what’s amazing is finding friends who do understand the creator struggle - because building a social media following certainly isn’t easy!

By tapping into a creator community, you access the opportunity to meet other people who understand what it really takes to dive deep into this thing. Every creator deserves that!

Creator Community teaches you how to go viral.

If you’re an emerging influencer, there are a ton of tips and tricks to be learned from the greats. Hacks for gaining your first 1,000 followers, how to create your first viral post, and how to develop your niche are all things you can learn from established creators. Joining a community is the best way to get connected to these sorts of folks, who can act as mentors for you!

Creator Community helps you deal with social media stress.

According to a study by influencer marketing agency inspire.me, nearly half of influencers feel as though their work impacts their mental health. Whether it’s the pressure to constantly be posting and creating, the transparency your fans demand into your personal life, or the rise to fame - becoming a recognized influencer is just plain stressful. Joining a community can help you work through that stress and chat with other people who just… get it.

We’re a little biased, but we think ZigZag is the best creator community ever. Our app helps emerging and experienced creators get connected to make content together; helping newbies can grow and experienced influencers can give back & share their stories.

Want to join our creator community? Click here to get started.

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