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Gen Z Slang: Let's Break it Down

Each generation has its version of slang, and it can get pretty confusing in a conversation when you are out of the loop. We're going to be breaking down some of Gen Z's current slang.


An acronym that is short for the Greatest Of All Time. It is a reference to a person.

Example: "Thanks for doing me that favor. You're the GOAT."


A glow up refers to the mental, emotional, and physical transformation of a person. It positively shows the progression over time of a person.

Example: "She had a major glow up after our awkward middle school days!


It generally refers to the acclaim of an object and can be used in many different contexts. It can be motivational or can dissipate acclaim.

Examples include: "Let's hype her up." "Don't believe all the hype."


While mood can translate to the dictionary definition, it also means something relatable. It can be in a sentence or used alone.

Examples: "That is such a mood."


Slay is also motivational phrase used to inspire and support a friend, often referring to how good someone looks. It's similar to saying "you're killing it."

Example: "Slay, girl! You look amazing in that jacket"


A snack is not speaking about food, but rather a person. It is a form of encouragement - a play on words used to to emphasize how good someone looks.

Examples: "You're looking like a snack today!"


Traditionally refers to super passionate fan of a celebrity or popular figure, though could be used to explain how much someone supports someone else. It holds a positive connotation.

Examples: "I am,100% a Taylor Swift stan." "Honestly, I stan Nick & Katie, they're an awesome couple.":


Sus is short for suspicious. It fits the context when someone is skeptical of a situation or another person.

Example: "He was acting kind of sus today at lunch."

Hopefully, this gives you all more of an insight into Gen Z's slang. Next time you should be able to use it with confidence!

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