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Been hearing the term “micro influencer” and wondering what it’s all about? Here’s the scoop on what a one is, the pros and cons, and how to become a micro influencer!

What’s a micro influencer?

The micro influencer definition you’re looking for.

A micro influencer is a social media creator with a moderately sized - but SUPER passionate, super engaged - following.

Here are the characteristics of a micro influencer:

  1. The creator typically makes a very specific type of content.

  2. The creator makes content based on a specific passion (niche).

  3. The creator has a super active following - lots of likes & lots of comments per post.

  4. The creator has a moderately sized following - about 3,000 - 15,000 followers

  5. The creator has a reputation for being relatable, genuine and trustworthy.

Micro Influencers on Instagram:

Many creators begin building their brand on Instagram. Here are some of our favorites for inspiration…

@GraceLivingLife - Singer/Songwriter

Grace is a singer/songwriter micro-influencer based in Texas! In addition to her love for

country music, she also models and competes in pageants. Grace loves filming music

videos, country covers, and making Youtube videos with friends & family.

@EthanKleinOfficial - Positivity Influencer

Ethan is a lifestyle & positivity micro-influencer based in Los Angeles. He loves dancing,

spreading good vibes, and working with new technology! Ethan creates for Instagram,

TikTok, Snapchat, and more. Ethan works with lots of new apps as an influencer/brand


@ZyanTreadwell - Gaming Influencer

Zyan is a gaming micro-influencer, and creates for Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. He

has multiple brand partnerships and loves creating awesome content for his partners!

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How do I become a micro influencer?

Becoming an influencer is all about nailing down what you want to create, and who you want to create for.

First: ask yourself - “what is one thing I am crazy passionate about?”

It doesn’t matter if you’re really into fitness, skateboarding, skincare, rescue pups, whatever. There will always be other people that are also crazy passionate about this thing - you just need to make sure to choose something you could post or talk about forever. Whatever it is, this thing should become your “niche” - or content speciality.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what your niche is, we recommend reflecting on whatever you spend most of your free time doing. Is it gaming? Online shopping? Watching movies? Lean into that thing and try to figure out how to make content about it.

Second: ask yourself - who else is also passionate about this stuff? Where can I find them?

The answer to this question becomes your “target audience” - or the people you’re expecting to follow you. If you post a lot about gaming, your audience will most likely be gamers. Think about where you can find them, and what kinds of content gamers like to check out.

If you post a lot about makeup or skincare, check out popular beauty bloggers and creators for inspiration. Read the comments on their videos and see what their followers are really excited about watching. These people can become your audience, too.

Third: start creating!

Ideally, whatever you’re creating content about is something you’re already doing a lot in your life. Try making content in bulk (this is called “batching content”) so you don’t have to hustle to create posts every day. Write captions that encourage people to follow you for more (“follow for part 2!” or leave you a comment “what do you want to see next?”). At the end of the day, creating should be FUN - so make sure you’re having a good time while you’re doing it.

Should I be a micro influencer?

Great question! Let’s unpack the pros and cons.


  • Brand partnerships = $$$!

  • Gaining influencer status opens up the opportunity to make some extra cash, just for posting.

  • Exclusive experiences!

  • Being a trusted name in the game gives you opportunities to be contacted for exclusive experiences - like trying new products or visiting new businesses.

  • Making relationships with your followers.

  • Becoming a micro influencer allows you to get to know some amazing people - including building relationships with your followers and other awesome creators!

  • Creating content you love!

  • Being an influencer is fun! In addition to the perks, you also get to spend time creating content on the things you love.


  • Micro-influencing isn’t a fast-track to celeb status.

  • If you’re looking to get invited to the coolest parties in Hollywood or to walk the red carpet, micro-influencing isn’t the fastest way to get there.

  • Typically not HUGE brand deals.

  • You may see popular creators like David Dobrik getting free Teslas or free custom-built homes. While many micro influencers do get awesome perks, the biggest brand deals typically go to those with follower counts in the millions.

  • You have to commit to your “thing.”

  • Micro-influencing means commitment to a niche - so if you get bored easily (or don’t have one thing you’re super passionate about), this might not be for you.

How to make money as a micro influencer:

There are four main ways to make money as a micro influencer:

Affiliate Partnerships

Ever see people sharing coupon codes in their stories or on their bios? This is affiliate marketing - these influencers get a small commission in return for repping a brand. This is particularly common for industry-specific products. For example, if you’re a fitness influencer, you might develop a partnership with your favorite pre-workout brand.

Brand Sponsorships

Getting paid to post is the easiest way to make money as an influencer. Make sure to research a reasonable rate per post, based on how many followers you have + how much they interact with your content.

Creating Merchandise

If you have a popular catch-phrase or if followers really dig your art, you can create brand merch! Phrases perform well on t-shirts and hoodies, where art does well on stickers and phone cases. Consider opening a RedBubble.Com shop to sell your branded merch!

Offering Experiences

Are you a stylist? Gamer? Awesome dancer? Whatever it is, you can offer exclusive experiences to your followers in exchange for cash. Consider offering 1:1 beauty consultations or dance lessons to your followers. These can even be held via Zoom or Facetime, and you can collect payment via Venmo or PayPal.

You can also use a site like Patreon to make exclusive content that users have to pay to access.

We hope this article helps explain the business of micro-influencing! To download ZigZag and join our creator community, click here.

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