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How to Get Paid for Posting on Social Media

Welcome to 2021 - where posting on social media means you can get paid with real cash. FINALLY! You deserve to be rewarded for making cool content!

We've rounded up the best ways to take your super fun content and turn posting from a passion project into it a full-time hustle.

1) Use ZigZag

On ZigZag, we reward creators for making popular content. Rank up likes and comments to earn a spot on the leaderboard! The more points you have, the more features you can unlock -- and you can get paid for making collab videos with friends and fans!

2) Submit Your Content as Stock Photo or Video

Did you know that you can submit your video content to stock video websites and collect donations?

Check out:

- Pexels

- Pixabay

- Unsplash

3) Build Brand Partnerships

If people aren't reaching out to you, you can still make the first move. Check out up and coming clothing and accessories companies and shoot them an email. They might be looking for paid brand ambassadors like you!

We recommend selecting your brand partnerships wisely. Content creator profiles with tons of different brand partnerships tend to suffer, as the creator then begins to look like a salesperson rather than a content creator.

4) Start Selling Merch

If people like what your posting, chances are they'll buy a sweet sticker or sweatshirt of it. We recommend checking out Redbubble.com and launching with one image to get started.

5) Coach Other Creators

When you start crushing it, you'll find that people are dying to know your secret sauce. Offer coaching to up-and-coming creators at a super affordable fee and see if it takes off.

Check out Kameila Britton on Instagram (@kamelia.britton) for inspo.

In conclusion, make cool content --> get paid ---> let that side hustle become a full-time hustle. You got this!

-- Your ZZ Fam

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