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Sikey: Ambassador Spotlight

ZigZag is a brand-new social media video app that is all about creating content TOGETHER! It’s the platform and community for emerging creators to make awesome content together, get noticed, and get trending together.

We feature emerging creators - ambassadors, ZigZag’ers, and musicians - weekling in our spotlight blog. Check out this feature on ZigZag ambassador, Sikey!

“Hi ZigZag! I'm very very honored to be one of the first people interviewed for the blog!”

We began by asking Sikey, “What do you love about ZigZag?”

Sikey expressed his love for the community on the app, and the team behind the app. "I love you, I love ben, I love Rachel, I love Peter, I love Tori, I love Grace! I love the whole team. You know, it’s become like this little family that we have, and every time it keeps growing and growing.”

In addition to his content on ZigZag, Sikey has had a few viral hits on other social media platforms as well. He’s known for his highly relatable comedy, silly voiceovers, celebrity impressions, and goofy dances.

When it comes to the future of ZigZag, Sikey said - “I just love where we’re headed! I don't think I've ever seen a founding team work as hard as you guys do.” He’s tuned in with the team and appreciates the care put into building out a product that supports young creators like himself, saying “I realize that every little thing that we ask for on the app, it’s not so little - it’s not easy to do it, and you guys always find a way to come together and do it. You make that your priority and you get it done.”

We love having Sikey as part of the ZigZag fam, and can’t wait to meet more talented young creators, too!

You can watch the whole interview on the ZigZag app! Click here to get started.

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