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Video Trend: Ratatouille the Musical

Ratatouille, the Tiktok Musical, was a response to the limited opportunities for entertainment during the pandemic.

It all started from one Tiktok video created by Emily Jacobsen. The video draws on the 2007 Disney movie, Ratatouille, in which a rat Remy aspires to be a chef.


The seemingly playful video quickly stumbled its way to viral fame on the app, becoming an internet meme. Dozens of other creators began to contribute to the musical by producing music, composing choreography, and developing scene design.

The fame the video gathered developed into an (almost) broadway musical put on by other TikTok content creators and Broadway stars.

The musical, which premiered on New Years Day, served as a benefit for the actor's fund and has since raised 2 million dollars for the fund.

The success of the musical displays the power of social media outlets and the potential for collaboration.


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