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What's Trending Right Now: Wandavision

Why is WandaVision popular? Who is Agatha? How did Elizabeth Olson get so famous, so fast? Here's our quick recap on WandaVision's rise to fame in 2021.

With the introduction of WandaVision to the streaming service Disney+, the has been a ton of buzz - and fans quickly created a slew of theories about the show.

The show focuses on the lives of Wanda and Vision, two superheroes from the Marvel cinematic universe. Wanda, also known as Scarlet Witch, possesses magic and the ability to change reality due to experimentation with the mind stone. Vision is a form of artificial intelligence that is powered by the mind stone. In the series, Wanda creates a new reality where the two are husband and wife in the suburbs. It is a sitcom-style show that also themes its episodes on classic television.

Each episode brings its questions about the overall marvel cinematic universe and the unraveling of events. It has given more insight into the background of Wanda and her twin brother, Pietro.

It also brings sophisticated philosophical questions into consideration in roughly 30-minute episodes.

Because of the continuity and hidden easter eggs, it has gained traction on social media. There are videos dedicated to solving all the easter eggs on Youtube and TikTok. On Youtube, the first searched video gained one million views in one day.

There are also social media communities on Reddit dedicated to discussing the episodes and analyzing them. The r/wandavision community has over 156k subscribers.

On TikTok, the hashtag WandaVision has 2.9 billion views, and the top video has 2.5 million likes.

WandaVision has a large presence on social media because of the Marvel community and the engagement social media provides. Social media has created a wider audience reach and makes it easier to enjoy with others despite the pandemic.

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